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Students enroll for one or more classes (Tuesday 12 pm, Thursday 10 am or Friday 8 pm). Newcomers can join in anytime during an ongoing session and pay for the classes left of the current session.

Once enrolled students have secured their space in the group on their preferred day/time.


Missed classes can be made up if class attendance is cancelled at least 24 hours before the class.*

Payment for the 8-week-session is due one week before the session start to secure the space.


Classes cancelled according to the 24-hour-cancellation policy can be made up anytime during an ongoing session in one of the two other classes students are not enrolled in, space availability provided (i.e. students enrolled in the Tuesday class can make up on Thursdays or Fridays). Two make-ups can be carried over to the next 8-week session if students continue to enroll for the next session. This means students can take two additional classes in the next session on top of their regular 8 classes (e.g. a regular Thursday student can come on Tuesdays or Fridays in addition to Thursdays to use the make-up). 


10-class-pass / Single Class

Students have the option to purchase a 10-class-pass or drop in for a single class. Registration via email or phone is necessary, and spots are given on a first-come-first-served-basis.** This way we can ensure a class size that allows for the personal attention to each individual student reflecting the ISHTA yoga philosophy to tailor the practice to the student. 

10-class-pass is valid for 4 months, payment is due upon purchase. Single (drop in) classes are on a pay-as-you-come basis.


** Please accept that due to the small group size and space limitation if a student has signed up and attendance is cancelled less than 24 hours before class payment is due for a single class resp. the class will be taken off the 10-class-pass for pass-holders. 


Trial Class

New students can take one trial class.





8-week-session (8 classes)   € 150.-*
10-class-pass   € 225.-*
single (drop in) class   € 24.-*
trial class   € 17.50


For prices for workshops (e.g. Introduction into ISHTA Meditation, Partner Yoga Workshop) as well as for privates please enquire


* These fees include a discount that is granted if students provide a doctor's note recommending yoga classes based on a specific diagnosis such as scoliosis, migraine, IBS, etc. 

Without a doctor's note the fee for an 8-week-session is 159.-, for a 10-class-pass 239.-, and for a single (drop in) class 25.50. 



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