Yoga Class





(except during Bavarian school breaks)


9:00 - 10:15 am


All levels* 



* Appropriate for beginners with no or little yoga experience as well as for intermediates and advanced students. Modifications are given to accommodate for different and changing levels of experience, strength, flexibility and individual needs and goals. 





Privates and Marma Sessions



Private classes (One-on-Ones) as well as Marma sessions can be scheduled at your convenience Mondays through Saturdays in different locations and are agreed upon individually. 


Please contact Sabine at if you would like to schedule a private class or a Marma session.



COMING SOON: Teach The Teachers Class


Inspired by the teachers I am honored to educate every year at SPANDA Yoga Teacher Training as well as my students who in the meantime trained to become teachers themselves I will soon be offering classes tailor-made for yoga teachers. These monthly classes will each address a theme (e.g. "Pacifying the Vata Dosha") that we will deepen through a short lecture before weaving it into a practice addressing and integrating the theme. Yoga teachers can use this as an inspiration for their own classes as well as their own practice, while experiencing the nurturing that comes from being a student.


Please contact if you are longing to be put on the receiving end to balance your role of giving as a teacher and would like to receive updates about these upcoming classes.





Private classes (One-on-Ones) as well as Marma sessions are offered centrally located in Schwabing right off the U3/U6 U-Bahn and are also offered in different locations at your convenience, including the privacy of your home.


Please contact Sabine at if you would like to book a private class or Marma session.

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